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Guidelines for construction

The Association is proud of our forested look and it is our desire to blend into our natural surroundings. Our goal is to manage open construction space with landscaping while leaving as many native fir and pine trees as possible to accommodate lake views and minimize the disruption of other's views.  At the same time, we want you to build the house of your dreams!    


The Architectural Committee needs to approve tree removal prior to construction.  Also, please prepare plans for erosion control during construction and how storm water will be handled from roofs once completed.  


Submitting a simple plan with your elevation drawings and your landscape/erosion control plan is what we would like to see. Welcome to the neighborhood!  

Contractor Guidelines

The Architectural Committee will need to review building and landscape plans prior to work beginning. Major areas of review are water runoff plans and other elements of the lot development that might interfere with others in the Chelan Ridge Community Association.  Before you start excavating be sure to ask your real estate agent for a copy of all Chelan County permit requirements.  The Chelan Ridge Association Covenants are public record or you can find them on this page below.  


The Architectural Committee reserves the right to establish a noise level based on resident complaints, but we really want you to get in your new house as soon as possible.  Everyone has been through it too; it just takes a little cooperation from everyone.  Your new neighbors would appreciate contractors refraining from the use of loud radios or boom boxes by crews or subcontractors.  Large dumpsters are available through Zippy's per monthly charge and is encouraged to keep your building site clean.


Please do not block roadway or driveways.  If necessary, for short periods, the drivers of vehicles should be immediately available.  Try to avoid idling trucks for extended periods of time, although it is understood that some situations are unavoidable.  Appreciate your neighbor's rights to access their property.


No overnight parking of vehicles on the street, without prior permission of the Architectural Committee.  No camping or mobile homes on lots during construction without approval. No parking next to fire hydrants or mailboxes.


General construction hours are 7 AM to 9 PM.  We realize circumstances such as deliveries or deadlines may challenge these hours.  If it's outside "rough in" work, please have extra hours (involving heavy equipment or pounding) approved by the Architectural Committee. 


Find CRCA Covenants and all pertinent documents for building or remodeling below.  If you have additional questions, comments or need added resources,  Contact Us

Thank you. Chelan Ridge Community Association.

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