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We are organized into a Board of Directors with a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Our annual meeting is held approximately the last Saturday in April.  We also have a Marina, Architectural, Auditing, CC&Rs, Grounds, and Care Committees.   Organized activities include a Christmas dinner/party and an occasional Summer BBQ.  There are informal organized activities around TV football parties, Kayaking, Cross Country Skiing, Bridge, Quilting, Golf, Hunting and Fishing.  This community has many volunteers involved in Fire and Rescue, Bach Fest, Chelan Man Races, Tour of Homes, Hospital Guild, Rotary, and various sitting Board members for Chelan and State organizations.  We have a good mix of mature working, retired, and some young families and many full-time residents.        


  • Electrical.  Chelan County Public Utility District (PUD)

  • Gas.  No natural gas services, except propane tanks

  • Water.  Chelan County PUD.  CRCA gets its water from a well located in the State Park.  Water is pumped to a 100,000-gallon holding tank off Upper Ridge Road, used for domestic and fire protection. 

  • Roads.  All roads in the development are maintained by the County except for houses off Upper Ridge Road (a County road that it is not currently maintained by the County).  Also, Chelan Ridge Road (lane) off Upper Ridge Road is an easement road across property lots and is maintained by owners of those lots. 

  • Schools.  Chelan Ridge Community Association is in the Chelan School District.  The Elementary School and the High School are highly rated in the State and have good sports programs.  Bus routes are on Navarre Coulee Road. 

  • Garbage/Recycling.  Pickup day is early Wednesday morning (usually by 10 AM).  Container options are available through Zippy's in Chelan. Recycling containers for plastic (1&2), corrugated cardboard, and aluminum/tin cans are now also available from Zippy's to be staged with the garbage containers every other week. 

  • Dump Materials.  Chelan has a fee dump sub-station center usually open 8 AM-4:30 PM, Tuesday through Saturday.  This located across from Walmart.  There is also a County yard debris drop off and compose pickup available-all for a fee.  Once a year the County will announce a free debris day and or hazardous waste disposal opportunity.

  • Burning.  All open burning is discouraged in the neighborhood even when burn bans are not in effect due to our area being so prone to wildfire and the inability to manage smoke on small lots. 

  • Churches.  There is Catholic Church, Methodist Church, Seventh Day Adventist, Church of the Nazarene, Chelan Christian, Chelan Riverwalk, and Lutheran all one block off main street in Chelan and the log church in downtown Chelan is Episcopal.  There are also several non-denominational churches in Entiat.

  • Pets.  We enjoy a variety of breeds.  Not all dogs belong on a leash, but it is encouraged if you can't keep them from wondering into other's property--not everyone loves your dog as much as you do.  And remember to bring baggies for your walks. 

  • Mail & Newspaper.  Mail delivery is at approximately noon each day and subscribers of the Chelan Mirror newspaper get it delivered with the mail on Wednesdays.  The Wenatchee, Spokane and Seattle newspapers are also available for delivery.

  • Internet/TV.  Wave Broadband is the cable provider for TV and Internet.  There is a possibility that fiber will be pulled in the neighborhood and open options for service. Most households use Direct TV or Dish and have Internet service through SkyFi from LocalTel out of Wenatchee.

  • Phone.  Frontier bought the lines from Verizon for our neighborhood. Currently DSL is not available.  

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