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Dick Cheyne is the Chair for the Marina Committee.  Much has been accomplished in the last couple years with the additional of the full year Marina and improvements to the Waterfront.   

Also, Dick and Jeannie Cheyne volunteer to coordinate the maintenance at the Waterfront with the Grounds Committee which has help keep our association dues in line and has had a positive effect on the cost of maintenance for this facility. 

Special thanks to Jeff Van Horne and Karen Rich for their donation of the bench and picnic table on the permanent dock this past year.


Emergency spill kits are in the building. You need to use your key.

Also, there are small child life jackets stored in the building for anyone's use.  If you have any extra life jackets (any size) in good shape, for guest use, everyone would appreciate you leaving them in the building.   


If you are new to Chelan Ridge Community Association and need a parking pass or key for the gates at the waterfront, please send a message via the Contact Us form.



Your guests should be accompanied by a member.  If you find yourself in a position where you have guests at the Marina/waterfront and its not possible for your to be presence or you are allowing guests to utilize the docks with your key (even to just watch fireworks without you- as an example), it would be great if you could review the rules of the waterfront with them.  It would also be good to let a Marina contact know so others watching for suspicious activities don't call the Calvary! Thank you.

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